Add Grasscut Labels to Your Brookstone Orders

If you would like to be able to label your grasscut photos from the field you can set up a work type in Pruvan that will allow you to do so. This work type will allow you to add the new grasscut labels as Evidence Types in Pruvan to all Pruvan orders so that you can label the photos correctly as they are being taken in the field.

Create your Grasscut Labels Work Type

  1. Log into and go to the Projects page
  2. Click New as if you are going to create a new Project in Pruvan
  3. At the top you will see a Work Type box that you will need to click into so that you can name the work type. Once you have entered a work type name, for example Grasscut Labels, click anywhere out side of the box
  4. Next go down to the Options section of the Edit Project window and click the down arrow
  5. Here you will be able to set all of the project options for your Brookstone orders. We will want to keep most of these options the same as what is on your existing orders, but we will want to add the new grasscut labels. 
    • Copy the following information and paste it into the Evidence Types field in the Project Options:

Property Verification,Before Initial Lawn Maintenance,During Initial Lawn Maintenance,After Initial Lawn Maintenance,Before Subsequent Lawn Maintenance,During Subsequent Lawn Maintenance,After Subsequent Lawn Maintenance,General

See the following screenshot as an example of what your Project Options should look like:

  1. You will also need to set the Check In options to ensure that you are able to check in at the properties.
  2. Click on Tasks as the top of the Edit Project window and copy and paste the following task information in the correct fields
    • Task Name - AGS Checklist
    • Survey - ags::AGSChecklist-v2
    • Instructions - <a href="">Tap here to view your code of conduct</a>
      • All fields must be entered exactly as written, they are case sensitive.
  3. Once you have the AGS Checklist Task added to the order you will need to click Project at the top of the Edit Project window and set up the Check In options. Please see screenshot for how these options should be set
  4. Once you have all of the options set you will need to go to the top of the Edit Project window and click Save As Work Type


Finally: Click Clients/Integrations at the top of your online account and select Configure from the dropdown. Select the Brookstone integration and click Edit. On the Default Work Type drop down field, select the new Grasscut Labels work type you just created and then Save the integration.

Reach out to if you have any issues or if you would like help setting this work type up.


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