First Allegiance FAQ

Q) How does Pruvan work?  

A) Pruvan provides their customers with the following tools, Pruvan Online, Pruvan Mobile and the Pruvan Downloader (Cloud Storage).  Learn more about these tools by visiting the Pruvan Support Center.   If you want a demonstration please open a ticket with Pruvan Customer Care to schedule a demonstration.


Q) How do I get work from First Allegiance into my Pruvan account?

A) Pruvan Customer Care will help you get set up.  Follow the instructions found here.


Q) What is supported in the Pruvan Supported Integration?

A) The Pruvan Supported Integration supports the following Pruvan Features:




Importing Orders


All orders are automatically exported from your iVendor Portal account and ready to dispatch to the field upon request. The Pruvan + button and work types are used to create orders on-site when needed.



Users must manually refresh integration to import new or update existing First Allegiance Orders

Automatic Sub-User Assignment


You must set-up the default assignment feature to ALL or one Sub-User or manually assign work in your Pruvan Online account.

Free field Check-In


Pruvan sets Check-In options based on work order/client when possible on supported work types.

Relaying Photos and Survey Results


Pruvan supports organizing and relaying photos and survey results from Pruvan automatically to Google Drive, DropBox, and the Pruvan Downloader as configured for manual upload to First Allegiance.  *Photos do not relay to First Allegiance Vendor Portal automatically.



Q) Why do I need to use Pruvan?

A) Pruvan is provided to First Allegiance vendors to rapidly get proof of performance from the field.  Pruvan streamlines the capture of field data and photos using mobile devices.    


Q) How do I get work from First Allegiance?

A) First Allegiance is your work provider.  Your First Allegiance vendor coordinator will help you get set up to receive work from First Allegiance.  If you want to be a new vendor to First Allegiance, please reach out to First Allegiance vendor management or apply here.


Q) Why do I not see First Allegiance orders in my Pruvan account?

A) Troubleshooting steps using the Vendor's Pruvan Online account

  1. Verify vendor has orders assigned by First Allegiance and is available in First Allegiance Portal located here.  
  2. The vendor should do a full refresh to "re-synch" their Pruvan account with the First Allegiance Pruvan account. Allow 5 minutes to allow accounts to sync. The vendor should receive all assigned orders within 5 minutes if integration is properly configured.
  3. If Steps 1-2 have been performed, open a support ticket with Pruvan Support with enough information to help diagnose the issue. Let support know troubleshooting steps have been completed.


Q) Why do my First Allegiance orders not appear on Pruvan Mobile?

A) Troubleshooting steps

  1. Using Vendor's Pruvan Online account, verify First Allegiance order is in the Vendor's Pruvan account and the order is assigned to the sub-user in use by the Pruvan Mobile user.
  2. If work not assigned, have vendor setup the default assignment feature or instruct the vendor to manually assign work to their Pruvan sub-users.
  3. If work is assigned properly, make sure field staff is logged in to same sub-user work is assigned to as viewed on vendor's Pruvan Online account.   
  4. The device must be connected to the internet to receive new work assignments.  If in doubt, log in on the test device to make sure assigned work appears on the test device.  Field Staff will get an alert (if alerts are configured) and must "refresh" orders to see new or updated assignments.
  5. If Steps 1-4 have been performed, open a support ticket with Pruvan Support with enough information to help diagnose the issue. Let support know troubleshooting steps have been completed.


Q) Where are my photos I took using the Pruvan Mobile app?

A) Pruvan Mobile keeps track of the status of all photos taken via the upload log on your device.  If the status of the photo is "Pending" on Pruvan Mobile, then the device is waiting for a reliable internet connection or survey completion event to send photos to the proper Pruvan Online account for processing.  If the status of the photo is "Upload Complete" the photo has transferred to Pruvan Online.  Any other error message may indicate an issue with the device.  

Troubleshooting steps to find photos that are "Upload Complete" on Pruvan Mobile

  1. Look at Pruvan Online->Photos to see a history of all photos received in your Pruvan account.  You can click on the Project number to see the photo details and the actual photos.  Here you will see the status of each photo.
  2. If the status of the photo is "Published" then Pruvan Online is finished processing this photo.  
  3. If the status of the photo is "Pending QA" then the order has been configured in such a way that requires manual review and publishing.
  4. If there is any other status message, then follow the clues provided by the error message to resolve the issue and republish the photos.  

Troubleshooting steps if Pruvan Mobile photo status is anything other than "Pending" or "Upload Complete"

  1. If the error message indicates the photos have been moved Pruvan Mobile is unable to find the photos since they have been moved manually by the operator.  This is not recommended.  Pruvan does store the photos locally, but the photos must not be moved or modified in any way.
  2.  If the error message indicates the photos are corrupted this may indicate a device storage failure.  Upgrade storage or replace the device.
  3. If the photos are damaged or the device is unable to connect to the Internet
  4. Pruvan stores the photos pending upload to your Pruvan account locally on the device.  Please search the Pruvan Support Center for articles on how to recover your photos from the device if necessary.

If troubleshooting steps above have been performed, open a support ticket with Pruvan Support with enough information to help diagnose the issue. Let support know troubleshooting steps above have been completed.


Q) Why do I need to check-in?

A) If you see Check-In required on Pruvan Mobile, your work provider requires a check-in.  Please follow the instructions provided by your work provider.  


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