Getting Started

First Allegiance is integrated with Pruvan!  This integration will allow your First Allegiance orders to import into your own Pruvan Online account with a push of a button, allowing you to assign and manage your orders and organize your photos and videos with Pruvan.

All orders (including photos/videos/surveys) completed in Pruvan will be downloadable from your Pruvan account and organized for upload to the First Allegiance order management system quickly and easily.  Photo download requires a paid Pruvan subscription.


What do you need to know to get started?


Step 1     Are you a First Allegiance vendor?

  • No -Want to get work from First Allegiance? Reach out to complete their vendor application process here.
  • Yes - If you have completed the First Allegiance on-boarding process and you are expecting to receive orders or you are already receiving orders move on to Step 2


Step 2     Do you already have a Master Pruvan account?

  • Not Sure? - Using your email address you can check to see if you have a Master Pruvan account already with our Forgot Username tool***
  • No - If you do not already have a Master Pruvan account you can create one on our Pruvan Sign Up page!
  • Yes - If you already have a Master Pruvan account then you are ready to set up the First Allegiance Integration, move on to Step 3


Step 3     Ready to Setup the First Allegiance Integration?

  • If you answered YES to questions 1 and 2 then click this link for instructions on How to Grant Pruvan Account Access to the Pruvan Customer Care Team.
    • Provide Pruvan with your First Allegiance Vendor ID and indicate your desire to get integrated and we will open a ticket with First Allegiance to confirm that it is OK to move forward with the integration set up.
    • Once confirmed the Pruvan Customer Care Team will complete all integration setup.
  • Make sure to check out the First Allegiance Integration FAQ
  • Using your own work order processing system?  Learn how to integrate using Pruvan Add-On's 

***Note If you request your username and it is not listed as a Master Account then will need to create a Master Account.


Want to learn more about First Allegiance Integration?  Click Here

Need Help?  Contact Pruvan Customer Care


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