Setting up the Pruvan controlled integration

Note:  This integration is not controlled by iProperty.  See the iProperty controlled integration if you want to use the iProperty controlled integration to Pruvan. 


The Pruvan controlled integration to Brookstone, called "Brookstone Management" is available to vendors who do not wish to use the iProperty controlled integration to Pruvan.  Contact Pruvan Customer Care for assistance on how to use this integration, and the feature comparison between your two (2) choices made available to Brookstone Vendors.


Comparison of Brookstone integration options.  

Contact Pruvan Customer Care for details or assistance on what option is best for your organization.

Feature Description           







Automatically Create/Update all your assigned Brookstone orders in your Pruvan Online account      YES     NO
All your Orders are assignable to your Pruvan Mobile app user(s) in your Pruvan Online account     YES       YES** 
Your photos taken in Pruvan Mobile are organized and stored in your Pruvan Online account and available for download (requires paid Pruvan subscription)     YES       YES**
Supports iRecord Check-In (Pruvan AGS check-in)     YES*           YES**
Supports for "iProperty only" proprietary features, for example photo bucketing, proprietary forms, or custom check-in     NO    NO*

*Note:  Pruvan will send check-in payload to AGS if configured.  AGS must accept the check-in for this to be recorded in iProperty.   As of 12/10/2018 Preserve and Protect orders do not accept check-in from Pruvan.

**Note:  Aspen Grove Solutions, the developer of iProperty, does not support sending all iProperty orders to your Pruvan account, and does not support Pruvan check-in on all iProperty orders.


If you wish to use the Pruvan Controlled Integration contact Pruvan Customer Care to setup your integration to Brookstone.   




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