SingleSource FAQ for Internal SingleSource Vendor Management Team

The following is a list of frequently asked questions specific to the SingleSource Integration.  

Q) What are the basics that I need to know about the SingleSource integration to Pruvan?  

A) Basically, SingleSource will create vendors in Property Smart and map them to sub users in the SingleSource Pruvan account.  Once the sub user is created in Pruvan an email will go out to the vendor with instructions on how to login to Pruvan Online and how to download the Pruvan Direct Mobile app.

Q) What Pruvan Features are supported with SingleSource?

A) The SingleSource Integration supports the following Pruvan Features:

Feature Supported Notes
Importing Orders Yes Orders assigned and ready to dispatch to the field are pushed from SingleSource to Pruvan Mobile. 
Free field Check-In No Currently there are no Check-in requirements for SingleSource orders. 
Relaying Mobile Form Results Yes Supported Forms and related photos, are relayed back to SingleSource.  


Q) How can I tell if the orders in Property Smart have been "created" or pushed successfully to Pruvan?

A) Login to the SingleSource Pruvan account and Search for the order on the Projects page either by address or order number.  If you don't see it, check for any red "Alerts" in top right of the screen to see if there is a specific error importing the order in question.  If the order is not found, you may need to repush it from Property Smart.


Q) Vendor stated they completed the order, but I do not see the photos on the correct order. How do I find them?

A) There are a couple of things that will need to be checked to see where the photos are. The photos may be stuck in the app due to settings turned on or off in the app or on the project itself. The vendor will need to open the app on their phone and check to see if they have any pending uploads in the Pruvan mobile app upload log

If all photos show that they uploaded from the app then it is possible that the photos were taken under a different work order. You can use the Crew Tracking report in Pruvan Online to see all orders completed each day and look into each order to find the correct photos. This helps narrow down your search. Click Here for more information on the Crew Tracking Report.

 If photos are still not found have vendor send in a mobile support request using the instructions found here.


Q) Vendor is stating they are unable to log into the app or Validate the SingleSource Pruvan Share integration.

A) You will need to check the Users page in the SingleSource Pruvan account and verify that the username exists. If it does not it will need to be created. SingleSource staff users have the ability to edit the user and update the password to help with log in or the vendor can click the Reset Password link on the log in page of and reset the password themselves.


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