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How To Download Videos taken in Pruvan Mobile app

The Pruvan Downloader and Pruvan Cloud Storage Add-On's do not support downloading/transferring Video at this time.  This is being considered as a feature in future releases.  If you want this feature please sign-in and comment below.

Using Pruvan Online you can:
  • Navigate to Photo Details, view/watch video and right click to save MP4 video file.
  • Navigate to Photo Page, Download to ZIP and get MP4 Video files and JPG still image.
  • Retrieve video from the device running Pruvan Mobile (video is stored temporally on device, see this article for specific instructions)
See examples below. 

Example 1:  Navigate to Video and Right Click Video in Pruvan Online to Save Video As to your local computer.

Example 2: Navigate to Pruvan Online->Photo Page find Project and Download all images and video to a ZIP file.

Example 3:  Get video from local device running Pruvan Mobile
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