New Release! Pruvan v3.18.4

12 September 2018

Pruvan v3.18.4 is scheduled to be released Sunday, 9/16/2018, at 3 pm CDT.  There will be about an hour downtime as the system is upgraded.

Project Manager Improvements

  • Restore Deleted ProjectsNow deleted projects can be restored.  Simply select Deleted from the Show / Hide button to view all of your deleted orders available to restore.
  • Status and Due Date Color CodingColor code due dates that are coming up as well as different statuses.  Click the Preferences button to get started.
  • Saved ViewsSet up the Project Manager just how you like it, with filters, search terms, and column visibility and ordering, then save it so that you can load that view at any time.  Set up your screen, then click Views and Create New.  Give it a name like "Unassigned" and you'll be able to return to that view any time you select it from the Views list.
  • Active Filters - When you turn off filters it now simply hides the filter fields without disabling them.  To clear all filters you must individually clear them now.

Project Details Improvements

  • Survey move - You can now move surveys between projects.  They will carry all of their related photos and reports with them to the new project as well.
  • Photo RotateIn the photo gallery you can now rotate images in 90 degree increments.
  • Larger Display in the Photo Gallery - The Gallery view is now larger and also displays larger main images when scrolling through your Project's photos.
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