Feature Rollup

It looks like it's been a while since any new features were announced here.  This is a comprehensive list of the new features that have been released since the previous announcement.

Project Manager

The Project Manager has received a heavy make-over.  Here are the list of improvements:

  • Notes - You can add project notes and property notes.  Property notes show up on all projects with the exact address as the note.  There is also an option to email the note as well.  There is a new Notes Report that allows you to summarize your project and property notes over a given time frame.
  • Lines - Billing lines can now be added to your projects.  Track your line items with quantity, cost, and price.  There is a new Billing Report to go along with this feature that allows you to summarize all of your line data over a given time period.
  • Faster Project Manager Load Times - The Project Manager has received a significant performance boost and load times for the page are up to 10x fast then they were before.
  • Project Instructions HTML - HTML encoded project instructions are now rendered for easy viewing in the Project Manager Details panel.  The raw HTML code is available to edit in the Project Edit screen.
  • Task Links - You can now open surveys to take or upload photos to a specific task by clicking the new button in front of the task name in the details panel.
  • Task Price and Quantity - Price and quantity can now be declared for each task.  These fields are only visible online and only to Staff users and above.
  • Column Enhancements - Columns can now be switched off and reordered.  To turn columns on / off click the Columns button and select the ones you want to view.  To reorder, simple grab the column header and drag it where you want it.
  • New Fields - You can now assign a project to a Coordinator (staff and above users).  There is also new columns to show the last update time and the created time for your projects.
  • Filters - Column filtering is now available.  Click the filters button to enable them and use the dropdowns and text fields to filter those specific columns.  This feature works in conjunction with the general search box.


New integrations are available for:

  • ErgonomicWare
  • Equator (Fannie Mae)
  • Asset Shield (Pre-release)
  • Five Brothers
  • Altisource


There are two new answer types:

  • Phone Number - Formatted to US 10 digit style (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • Date / Time - Select date, time, or date and time

And two new features:

  • Disable the comment box - Comments can be disabled per question
  • Larger text area - Text answer types can be set to Text Area to allow a larger typing window
  • Enhanced Survey Reports - The survey pdfs now have larger photos displayed on them.  This is an option, so if you prefer the smaller thumbnails you can switch back by changing the option under Account > Edit Profile.
  • Survey Gallery - This is a new feature that allows you to move photos taken on another question, or any other task on the same project, to your survey question.  With this feature, you can go and take all of your photos at once and then fill out the survey later and move the photos to the appropriate questions.  This is supported in both Pruvan Online and Pruvan Mobile.

Add Ons

Add Ons are a new feature that allow you to enable functionality between Pruvan and other systems.  These are the current Add Ons available:

  • Dropbox - Copy photos to your Dropbox account when they are published to the Downloader
  • Google Drive - Copy photos to your Drive account when they are published to the Downloader
  • PPW - Copy your Pruvan work orders in to PPW for tracking and invoicing.  This also supports updates to Coordinator and Assigned To fields.  To prevent order duplication and looping; this will not copy back projects imported from a PPW integration, nor import orders originating from the PPW Add On into Pruvan over a PPW integration.

Pruvan Mobile

Both the Android and iOS apps are available with only minor updates.

  • Improved UI on iOS - The iOS interface has been updated to support the new iPhones high resolution.
  • Survey Gallery - Both mobile apps support the new Survey Gallery feature described above in the Survey section.
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