Quick Start Excercise #1. Pulling Orders


Pulling orders from a Pruvan account


  1. Get a Pruvan account at>SignUp
  2. Setup a Sub-User with a CREW role and assign a few Projects to this Sub-User
  3. Request assigned orders from a Sub-User in your account using your Sub-User credentials
    • In a REST testing tool, you must create a form field named "payload", and
      • set the payload variable to a valid SubUser/Password 
      • {
        "username": "YourSubUserName",
        "token": "SubUserNamePassword"
      • Use the method “POST”
      • Use the content-type “application/x-wwwform-urlencoded”
      • POST to payload variable to
      • View results or error message
      • See Get Work Order Reference for all available field elements available


Available testing tools (not supported by Pruvan).

Using a REST testing tool like "POSTMAN" ( or the "Advanced Rest Client” ( send (Post) a properly formatted JSON payload to your pushkey url and examine the postback results and if successful, view the order in your Pruvan Online account.


API Testing Tools

Pruvan also provides a useful web services testing tool that you can test the web service endpoints you need to create to integrate with Pruvan.

You can access it here: This tool will test your Pruvan integration endpoints by sending validate, getWorkOrders and uploadPicture payloads and testing their response.  A Status endpoint is not in the current test harness.

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