Quick Start Excercise #2 - Create/Update Orders

Creating or Updating orders in your Pruvan account

You can send (Push) new orders or update existing orders in your own Pruvan account by posting a workOrders payload to a valid pushkey url that you own/control.

You can retrieve a pushkey url by creating a valid integration definition in the Integrations form in your Pruvan Online account and copy the related pushkey URL.

  1. Use your existing account or get a Pruvan account at>SignUp
  2. Setup a Sub-User with a CREW role
  3. Setup a Pruvan Share Integration in your account using Sub-User created in Step 2  (See Quick Start)
  4. Copy the pushKey created in Step 3.
  5. Create a sample workOrders payload to be sent (POSTED) to your pushkey URL 
    • You must have all the minimum fields (JSON elements) as shown below
    • See Get Work Order Reference for all available field elements available
    • In a REST testing tool, you must create a form field named "workOrders", and
      • set the value to the JSON you wish to POST.
      • Use the method “POST”
      • Use the content-type “application/x-wwwform-urlencoded”. 
    "workOrders": [
            "workOrderNumber": "Simple",
            "address1": "110 East Main Street",
            "city": "Round Rock",
            "state": "TX",
            "zip": "78664",
            "services": [
                    "serviceName": "Task"

The above JSON example will create a work order “Simple” with one service called "Task" in your Pruvan account if properly pushed to your pushkey URL.  If the project "Simple" exists, it will be updated.  If you do not set assignTo to a valid Sub-User the order will be unassigned.

Available testing tools (not supported by Pruvan).

Using a REST testing tool like "POSTMAN" ( or the "Advanced Rest Client” ( send (Post) a properly formatted JSON payload to your pushkey url and examine the postback results and if successful, view the order in your Pruvan Online account.


API Testing Tools

Pruvan also provides a useful web services testing tool that you can test the web service endpoints you need to create to integrate with Pruvan.

You can access it here: This tool will test your Pruvan integration endpoints by sending validate, getWorkOrders and uploadPicture payloads and testing their response.  A Status endpoint is not in the current test harness.

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