How To Setup The Xome Field Services Integration

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online with your Pruvan Master Username 
  2. Click 'Integrations'
  3. Click 'New'
  4. Select as the Integration Type "Xome Field Services"
  5. For the Client/Integration Code enter "XFS"
    • If you have multiple Xome Field Services accounts then you will need to set up an integration in Pruvan for each account, instead of using "XFS" as the Client/Integration Code you will want to enter XFS+State Abbreviation.
    • For example, if you have an XFS account for Texas your Client/Integration Code would be "XFSTX"
  6. Optional: Enter "Xome Field Services" as the Customer
  7. Enter your XFS username and password
    • These are the credentials you use to log into the website"
  8. Click Validate at the bottom of the screen and if you get a green "Success" you can Save the integration
    • If you get an error then you will need to verify the XFS credentials are correct and re-enter them into the integration
    • You may need to reset your XFS password to ensure that the integration validates successfully
  9. Optional: Set a Default Assign To so that orders will import and auto assign orders and push them to the phone
  10. Set your Publish from field option:
    • If set to Yes photos will upload to Pruvan and immediately relay to Xome
    • If set to No photos will upload to Pruvan and stop for QA. You can publish the photos when ready to Xome.
  11. Click Save


Make sure to Refresh the new XFS integration to pull in all your work orders into Pruvan!

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