How to Setup the SingleSource Integration

These are instructions for integrating if you already have your own Pruvan Master account only.

 You can always open a support ticket with Pruvan for assistance here.   A trained Pruvan expert will assist with the setup of your integration to SingleSource within 1 business day.

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online with your Pruvan Master Username 
  2. Click 'Integrations' on the left Menu bar
  3. Select 'New' button
  4. For the Integration Type enter "SingleSource Vendors"
  5. For the Integration Label enter "SS"
  6. Next you will need to enter the Sub-username and password provided to you by SingleSource
    • These are the credentials emailed to you from SingleSource
    • Username: and a password
  7. Continue on with your desired settings
    • Read more about Auto-Admin.  Recommended setting is OFF if you manage back-office work order status, description, due dates or instructions in Pruvan Online.
  8. Click Validate button and if you get a green "Success" you can Save the integration
    • If you get an error then you will need to verify the credentials are correct and re-enter them into the integration
    • Reset your password for your Sub-user using our Forgot Password Link if SingleSource added your email address to your Sub-User profile you will receive instructions on how to reset your SingleSource Sub-User password.
  9. Once saved in step 8, click "Refresh" next to the integration to import your SingleSource orders into your Pruvan Master Account
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