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Project Billing Report

The Project Billing Report is only available to Admin users.  This report will allow you to see information about Lines from your completed projects.  There are 2 ways to run this report; Summary and Detailed.

Note:  Only projects with the status 'complete' will be listed in these reports

Summary Report

This report shows one row per project during the given date range.

  • Project The project number
  • Client The client code
  • Assigned To Who the project is currently assigned to
  • Last Update Date The last time the project was modified; in any way
  • Cost Total - The total of all Cost lines on the project
  • Price Total - The total of all Price lines on the project


Detailed Report

This report shows one row per per project, per line during the given date range.  See the summary report description for common field descriptions.

  • Project
  • Client
  • Assigned To
  • Last Update Date
  • Description - The line description
  • Quantity - The line quantity
  • Cost - The line cost
  • Price - The line price


How to Run the Project Billing Report

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click Reports
  3. Select Report Launcher
  4. Click Select a Report
  5. Select Project Billing
  6. Select the Report Tye
  7. Set the Date Range
  8. Click Run Report
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