How to Use the Survey Gallery

The Survey Gallery allows you to move photos taken on a project between Survey questions.  This allows you the option of taking all of your photos on a generic photo task and then, at a later time, answering the survey and adding the photos to the appropriate question.



  1. Available photo list - All photos available to select or currently selected for this question
  2. Question list - the Current question and dropdown menu of all questions with photo requirements
  3. Photo requirements - Shows current number of photos selected and min / max
  4. Menu - Contains additional actions
    • Edit - Open the Pruvan Mobile Gallery (to delete photos)
  5. Exit - Go back to survey


How to Access the Survey Gallery

  1. Open your survey
    • Either on Pruvan Online or in Pruvan Mobile
  2. Go to a question with a Photo Requirement
  3. Tap the Gallery icon (sun and mountain)

This will open the Survey Gallery to the question you selected it from.  You can go back to the survey and re-enter the gallery from another photo requirement or you can navigate between photo requirements within the Survey Gallery.


How to Select Photos in the Survey Gallery

The photos listed will be all of the photos on your project (and on your device*) that have not already been selected on another question.  So, if you select photo-A on the first question you will not see that photo in the Survey Gallery when you're on question-2.  The photos that are highlighted in green are the photos you have selected for the current question.

  1. Enter the Survey Gallery
  2. Select the question to add photos to
  3. Tap photos to select / unselect them
    1. a green border is selected
  4. Repeat step 3 as necessary


  1. Enter the Survey Gallery
  2. Tap the current question to open a dropdown menu of all photo requirements
  3. Select the question you would like to move to
    • Tap the arrow in the upper left corner when you're finished to exit back to the Survey


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