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Notes Report

The Notes Report is only available Admin users.  This report will allow you to see information about your project notes based on the date range selected to run the report.

Notes Report

This report shows one row per user that hit your meter during the given date range.

  • Project ID - The unique project ID of the project this note is on
  • Project Number - The project number this note is on
  • Address - The address of the property note or address of the project for a project note
  • Type - The type of note; either property or project
  • Message - This is the note text
  • CC - Any email CCs that were listed on the note
  • Date - Date the note was created
  • By - Who created the note
  • Updated On - Who the last user was to update the note
  • Updated By - The last time the note was updated


How to Run the Notes Report

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click Reports
  3. Select Report Launcher
  4. Click Select a Report
  5. Select Notes
  6. Set the Date Range
  7. Click Run Report
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