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SingleSource has partnered with Pruvan as their process management solution. The PropertySmart system has been integrated to Pruvan and SingleSource vendors will be provided sub-user credentials to log in to an Online Portal and Mobile App to complete all assigned work.


Who are you?


I'm interested in working for SingleSource   


I'm already a vendor with SingleSource 

  • Download the Pruvan Direct mobile app to your phone from either the Google Play Store or the App Store
  • Once the app is downloaded you will need to log in to the app with the sub-user credentials provided by SingleSource via email 
    • Username Format is usually ss-youremailaddress
    • Password will be included in the  "New Pruvan Subuser Registration" email form SingleSource, but if you are not able to find that email you can reset your password with the following link -> Reset Your Pruvan Sub-user Password
  • Click Choose Projects and you will be able to see and complete your SingleSource orders


I'm a vendor with SingleSource AND I have my OWN Pruvan account already

  • Not to worry. You can use the Pruvan Share integration to import SingleSource orders into your own Master Pruvan account and all collected data will relay back to SingleSource
  • Click Here for Pruvan Share instructions to start receiving SingleSource projects in your existing account!


Not sure if you need or want your own personal Pruvan account?

All vendors can log in to Pruvan with the sub-user credentials provided by SingleSource; but, the sub-user credentials have restrictions that will prevent you from accessing Pruvan's Premium features and data storage options. Please refer to the table below to see what the differences are between a Master User and a SingleSource Sub-user:


Master User

(Your own Pruvan Account)


(SingleSource sub-username)

Ability to sub-assign work orders to your employees/contractors. Pick and choose which orders are seen by employees/contractors.

Only 1 login profile. All employees/contractors use same profile – all orders are visible to everyone (no sub-assignment).

Visibility/access to uploaded data (photos/surveys) for the life of the account or 7 years.

Limited visibility/access to uploaded data (photos/surveys) for 90 days.

Receive work from multiple work providers in one account as well as create work orders for local work.

Only receive orders from Master User (in this case-SingleSource).

More control over workflow - QA photos prior to relaying them to the client; control over work order options.

Limited control over workflow - Photos upload directly to client, preset order options.


Interested in your own Pruvan account?  Click Here to Sign Up 

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