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Spectrum Solutions Acquisitions HUD Integration Overview - How it Works!

The SSA (REAMSview) Integration is the link between your Spectrum REAMSview account and your Pruvan account.

SSA's HUD integration supports order import, photo relay, survey submission, completion date, default work type, default assign to, auto admin, and the push key.

Imported Orders

Orders are imported automatically as they are assigned to you by SSA.  You can re-sync Pruvan and SSA's (REAMSview) account by pressing the Full Import button, this will import all active orders from the SSA REAMSview system.

See this article for how to get set up:

Default Work Type

Default Work Type is a work type that will be applied to all of your incoming Spectrum HUD orders.

Default Assign To

Default Assign To lets you assign all incoming Spectrum HUD orders to a specific user on your account.

Auto Admin

Auto Admin is used to change what fields the integration updates once the order is already in Pruvan.

Pruvan Push Key

The Push Key can be used to refresh your Spectrum HUD integration directly from a web browser bookmark.

Photo Relay

Your photos will relay to 24 Asset based on your QA settings in Pruvan.  Once the photos are published they will show up in 24 Asset's REAMSview web portal photo manager.  The following set of articles go over the different QA options you have available.


See our Spectrum HUD Integration -  FAQ

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