Why Am I Charged $10 for Reactivating a Device?

All manually deactivated devices will have a 10 day waiting period before they can be reactivated. If the device needs to be activated within 10 days, a $10 reactivation fee will be applied to your account.  

Users will encounter the activation fee when they find the photos are inaccessible via zip or the photos are unable to be published to the client through the integration.

Managing devices within your Pruvan Account is necessary and will determine the accessibility of the photos.

  • When a device is deactivated; photos can be taken and photos will relay to; However, the photos cannot be downloaded via zip and the photos will not relay to the Client through their Integration.

  • When a device is activated; photos can be taken and photos will relay to; and the photos can also be downloaded via zip, and the photos will also relay to the Client through their Integration.

To prevent photos from being inaccessible, we recommend using the Pruvan Direct Downloader.  Visit this link to get started with the Pruvan Downoloader.

Items can always be viewed in Pruvan Online free of charge, even if the device that took them is not activated anymore. Any special circumstance requests to have a device removed from lock-down can be handled by the Customer Care team.


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