Photo Validator

The Pruvan Validator is a tool that can be used to verify the authenticity of Pruvan photos and surveys.  Enter the unique identifier for your photo or survey and we will display the original from our server.  This lets you compare your copy to ensure that it has not been tampered with.  When photos are equipped with a barcode, simply scanning the barcode will bring up that image in the Validator.

How to Verify an Image or Survey

Open the Photo / Survey in the Pruvan Validator

With a Barcode

Using your smart phones barcode scanner; scan the barcode from the image you wish to verify.  If your scanner does not automatically open your browser, tap the button to open the link.  You will be taken directly to the Pruvan Validator and the image will load automatically.

Without a Barcode

You will need the UUID of the photo / survey you wish to validate.  For those of you using an integration the UUID is sent with the photo / survey as part of the item's JSON data.  For everyone else you can get the photo / survey JSON from your Pruvan Downloader as long as you have the Save Metadata option on.  Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the JSON file
  2. Copy the UUID from the uuid field
  3. Open your browser
  4. Go to the Validator web page
  5. Paste the UUID in to the UUID field
  6. Click Validate

Verify the Photo / Survey

For photos, you'll see the un-modified photo from Pruvan Online and the Pruvan CSR (Certified Service Record) for that photo, as long as one exists.  For surveys, you'll see the Pruvan CSR for the survey displayed, as long as one exists.  Below that you'll get some information about the photo / survey and links to the survey information.

  • GPS Timestamp - The time and date the survey was submitted
  • Received - The time and date the survey was uploaded to Pruvan Online
  • Distance From Address of Record - The GPS distance from the location the Survey was submitted to the geocoded address coordinates
  • GPS Accuracy - The margin or error in GPS location coordinates
  • Template - The Pruvan Survey Template ID this survey was taken on
  • Original Survey JSON - (survey only) Link to the un-modified survey JSON data from Pruvan Online
  • Original Survey Report - (survey only) Link to the un-modified survey PDF report from Pruvan Online

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