Safeguard Integration Import Failure - Resolved

2016-11-11 1545 CST

All Safeguard integrations are back to normal operation now.  There was an issue with the way Safeguard was sending their SSL certificate that was causing our server to reject it.  We have made the necessary corrections for the integrations to continue working.

2016-11-11 1015 CST

The Safeguard, Safeguard Enhanced, and Safeguard APIv2 integrations are failing to validate and failing to import orders.  The error message being received is 'invalid username or password'.  This is due to a change in Safeguard's system and does not mean that your username / password are actually invalid.  We are working on fixing this issue and an update will be posted as soon as import is working again.  Photos are still being relayed back to Safeguard.  This does not effect the Safeguard Grasscuts integration at all.

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