PPW (Enhanced) Integration To Go Offline (Complete)

2 FEB 2017 - 1440 CST

All PPW (Enhanced) integrations have been removed.  If you have not yet migrated to PPW APIv2, you will need to do so immediately.

12 DEC 2016 - 1540 CST

On Jan 31st, 2017, the PPW (Enhanced) integration will be taken offline.  This means that if you are currently using this integration that it will be removed from your account and you will no longer be able to import work orders from, or relay photos to, PPW.

At your earliest convenience we ask that you delete your PPW (Enhanced) integration and create a new integration, using the same Client Code as before, with the PPW APIv2 integration.  This is the newest PPW integration and the setup is very similar to the PPW (Enhanced) integration.

For Information on how to set up the PPW APIv2 integration please see the following article:

Find Out Which PPW Integration You Have

Follow these steps to check your PPW Integration.  Note that you must have Admin access to your Pruvan account in order see, and make changes to, your integrations.  If the Client / Integration Type column shows "Deprecated - DO NOT USE", then you need to update your integration.

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Clients / Integrations
  3. Select Configure
  4. Check the Client / Integration Type column for the phrase "Deprecated - DO NOT USE"


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