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How Do I Edit/ Add Photos to a Pruvan Survey?

In some instances photos taken within a survey will need to be deleted or added, this can be done from Pruvan Online.  All requirements within the survey must first be met and the project will need to be marked complete before any photo editing can take place online.


Some integrated clients will not accept an edited survey if the initial completed survey has been published succesfully to the clients system. Contact your work coordinator for further information on sharing new information if this is the case.


To add a photo to a survey:


  1. Log into your online Pruvan account and go to the Photos page
  2. Find the Project with the survey you would like edit photos on
  3. Once on the Project Details locate the survey that you would like to edit/add photos to and click on the Survey Data icon under the Items column
  4. The survey will open in a new window and you will need to locate the question you would like to edit/add photos to
  5. Hover over a photo and click the RED 'X' to delete the photos
  6. Add photos to your survey
    • Click the camera icon and you will be able to browse your computer for the photos you would like to add
    • Click the gallery icon to pick photos attached to this project that are not assigned to other questions, or to move photos between questions
  7. Once you have selected the photos click Open and the photos will be added to the survey.
  8. Make sure all other survey requirements have been completed on the survey and click Submit
  9. Publish the Survey Data to the client so they can receive the edited survey.


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