Project Details Overview

The Project Details screen is where you'll find all of your photos for a project.  This is also where you can conduct QA in Pruvan Online and where you will find the relay status of your photos.


The Project Details page is separated in to two parts, the menu and the photo table.  The menu contains the normal Pruvan Online navigation options along with some action options.  The item table lists the thumbnail for each of your items on this project along with information about each item.  Below is an overview of each piece of these sections.


  • Filter - Toggles the filter options on the table columns
  • Publish Selected To - Pubish selected photos to chosen destination; see Publishing
  • Action with Selected - Move or Delete selected photos; see Actions
  • Gallery - Launch Photo Review; see Actions
  • Upload - Upload your non-Pruvan photos to Pruvan Online; see Actions
  • Generate Report - Create a report from your project; see Actions
  • Search - Find photos and surveys that meet specific terms, such as 'Before'

Item Table

  • Item - A thumbnail of your photo or report, or an icon for other items, hover over for more item info
  • Status - The publish status of each item; see Publishing
  • Task - The task the item belongs to
  • Evidence Type - The Evidence Type the item belongs to
  • File Type - The type of file (Picture, report, pdf, etc) uploaded
  • Notes - Any notes that were added to the photo
  • Address - The address for the project
  • Timestamp - The time the photo was taken, survey submitted, or other item created
  • Taken By - The user that created the item
  • Certification - Certification stats; green is certified, yellow is not-certified
    • Item - Certified if the item was uploaded from Pruvan Mobile
    • Time - Certified if the time on the photo is within 12 hours of when the photo is uploaded to Pruvan Online
    • Location - Certified if the location of the photo matches the location of the project address

Quality Assurance (QA)

Quality Assurance is the process of reviewing photos, surveys, and other items before sending them forward.  To ensure that everything is up to standard.  When performing QA with Pruvan Mobile you will be doing all of your work from the Project Details screen, using the Review tool.  For specific steps on how to perform QA, check out the article below.  Also included are articles on other QA setups.


Publishing is the final step in QA and the act of sending your photos forward.  This can be done automatically using the auto-relay option, or manually by selecting the photos and choosing one of the options below from the 'Publish to' dropdown menu.

  • Client - Sends the items to the client integration associated with the project
    • If no client is associated, this does nothing
  • Downloader - Queues up the items for all Downloaders to get the next time they connect
  • Both - Does both of the above

There are 4 statuses that items can be in, that show their publish state.  They are:

  • Pending QA - These photos have not been published yet
    • These Photos are not visible in the Client Portal
  • Processing - These photos are in the process of relaying
  • Published - The photos were successfully published
    • Any photos with the Published status are visible in the Client Portal
    • Any photos from a deactivated device will still 'successfully' publish to the Downloader, you will see the error in the Downloader instead of in Pruvan Online
  • Failed / Error - There was a problem sending these photos to the client integration.  The error message in the status is the message sent back from that system.
    • Failed photos are usually visible in the Client Portal and the Downloader, they only failed to relay to the client integration


These actions are available from the Project Details screen:

  • Move - Under the Actions with Selected menu you have the option to move selected photos to another project, task, or evidence type.  See this article for step-by-step instructions:
  • Review - The Gallery icon opens up the Photo review window.  This lets you scroll through photos quickly while seeing the relevant information and the ability to delete or move them as needed.  Using the review window is documented in this article:
  • Upload - This button opens up the Pruvan Online Upload Tool.  It allows you to upload photos from your computer to your project.  See this article for step-by-step instructions:
  • Generate Report - This button generates a PDF report of your project.  The PDF contains the project and address information at the top and then displays thumbnails of all of the photos in the project by Task and Evidence Type.
  • Delete - This button deletes the selected photos.  If any photos have been deleted by accident contact Pruvan Support to attempt recovery.
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