Pruvan Share Overview - How it Works!

The Pruvan Share integration is an link between Pruvan accounts.  It lets you pull projects assigned to you in another Pruvan account in to your own Pruvan Account, and then send photos back to your provider's account.

Pruvan Share (PS) supports importing projects, photo relay, Check In, default Work Type, default assign to, auto admin, and the push key.

Import Projects

Projects are imported whenever you press the Refresh or Full Import buttons on your PS integration.  PS also supports auto-import, whenever an project is assigned to you in your linked account it will automatically import in to your account.

See this article for how to get set up:

Project Updates

When projects are updated in your work providers account, those updates will be applied to the project in your account as well, based on your Auto Admin setting.  There are two specific cases that you need to be aware of as they could affect your work flow.  When your work provider unassigns, or deletes, a project that is assigned to you, that project will remain in your account and only the Client Status field will be updated.  These are the Client Statuses you will see:

  • Cancelled - When a project is unassigned from you
  • Deleted - When a project is deleted

You will need to close or delete the projects from your account to remove them from your project list.

Default Work Type

Default Work Type is a Work Type that will be applied to all of your incoming PS projects.

Default Assign To

Default Assign To lets you assign all incoming PS projects to a specific user on your account.

Auto Admin

Auto Admin is used to change what fields the integration updates once the project is already in Pruvan.

Pruvan Push Key

The Push Key can be used to refresh PS directly from a web browser bookmark.

Photo Relay

Your photos will relay back to your work provider's Pruvan account based on your QA settings in Pruvan.  The following set of articles go over the different QA options you have available.

Check In

Pruvan Share supports Check In.  Any of the projects that are imported with Check In enabled will have the Check In feature set in Pruvan Mobile.  Those Check In results will go back to your work providers account and be handled just as if you had Checked In directly on their account.


See our PS FAQ

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