New Pay-Per-Project Pruvan Subscription

Pruvan has two subscription models. 

1)      Unlimited usage per device per month (see

2)      Pay-Per-Project with unlimited devices


The Pay-Per-Project Beta subscription plan you have subscribed to is a $1 per Project per work week. 



  • Project activity(for billing purposes) is when a photo is taken, a survey is submitted, or a project is completed using the Pruvan Mobile app. With the Pay-Per-Project subscription you only pay $1 for all of the activity done on a single Pruvan Project in a given work week (Monday thru Sunday).
  • Pruvan Project(for billing purposes), unless defined otherwise based on a custom Order Type, is a single order manually created online, in the mobile app, or imported into Pruvan via a Client or Excel and is defined by a unique name, number, or alpha/numeric (Project Name). Projects can have many tasks and surveys that can be completed in Pruvan Mobile.


Additional Information:

  • Custom Order Type for Cyprexx:  Cyprexx creates multiple Pruvan Projects for a single address based on the line items in the Cyprexx system. Cyprexx vendors will not be charged a $1 per Pruvan Project, but will instead be charged $1 per address per week, regardless of the number of Pruvan Projects completed at the address during that week.
  • The Pay-Per-Project subscription add a charge to your Pruvan bill each Monday for the previous work week*.
  • Pay-Per-Project weekly charges will be itemized on your monthly Pruvan invoice.
  • You can change your subscription to Unlimited usage at any time, but you will be billed for all Project activity for the full work week (MondaySunday). 
  • A Pay-Per-Project subscription switching to an Unlimited usage subscription will take effect on the Monday following the subscription change event.


You must determine for yourself what Pruvan subscription plan works best for your business.  Unlimited usage per device, or Pay-Per-Project. 

If you have any questions or need help to change your subscription, please contact Pruvan support at and allow 1 business day for a response.


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