FAQ on the Cyprexx Pay Per Project Beta Program

How much does usage billing cost for Cyprexx Orders imported into Pruvan?

  • Usage billing is $1 per Project (based on a Cyprexx Property address) for all activity on that Project for a work week (MondaySunday).

How do I cancel?

How do I monitor my bill?

  • Look at the Usage Report in your Pruvan Online account.  It is located in Reports->Usage Report.  Refer to the column for Orders. The Order count will most likely be higher than your Pruvan bill. DO NOT PANIC. You will be billed per address each week, but Cyprexx sends multiple orders per address which is why the Order count may be higher than your actual bill.

When will my card be billed?

  • Each week your charges will be added to your account and the total will be billed on your monthly invoice date.  This charge will then be automatically billed against your credit card on file.

What if I cannot pay or my card declines?

  • If your card is declined, there is a 10 day dunning period to correct any billing issues.  After that period your account will be deactivated and all outstanding charges to date will reflect as a "balance due" on the account.

Is there a minimum charge or cap of a maximum charge each month?  Are there any other fees, collection charges or late fees?

  • No minimum charge, maximum cap or late fee.  However, if your billing address is within the state of Texas, there will be a Sales Tax charge of .066 applied to your total bill.

Will I be charged in the same way for Projects created by me in Pruvan Online or Pruvan Mobile or Projects imported from another work provider?

  • No, you will not be charged in the same way. You will be charged $1/Project/week regardless of the project address.

Can I have unlimited Projects for a flat monthly fee?

  • Yes, Pruvan also has an unlimited usage Direct Device Plan subscription billable per device per month.  See for details.  
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