EPS Integration FAQ

What is an integration?

An integration is a way for 2 different systems, such as Pruvan and IFE, to exchange information.

What are the features of the EPS integration?

The integration supports order import, photo relay, adding additional tasks, default assign to, auto admin, and the push key.

I have Field Comm can I use the EPS integration?

You must have Field Comm and an IFE (In Field Express) account in order to use the integration.  The IFE account is necessary for Pruvan to be able to reach your Field Comm.

I have an In-Field Express login, can I use the integration?

You can use the integration if you have an IFE admin account that is linked up to your Field Comm installation.  If you are a contractor on someone else's IFE account, then you will not be able to use the integration.

What types of orders are imported from IFE?

The EPS Integration will import all work orders assigned to IFE users that have been set up to use the integration.

What information from my EPS  work order is visible in the Pruvan project?

Below is a list of how data is mapped from EPS to Pruvan:

Work OrderProject
Work Order Number Project Number
Task > Property -
  Address Address
  City City
  State State
Vendor Due Date Due Date
Vendor > External Username Assigned To
Service Task
Service Name Task Name
Photos Photos
Caption Evidence Type - Notes

Does EPS support Auto Import?

Yes, you can set up IFE to auto import orders in to Pruvan.

Can I auto-assign my EPS projects?

The EPS integration supports auto assignment.  Simple enter the Pruvan Username in to IFE in that user's External Username field.

Can I send my EPS photos back to IFE automatically?

Yes!  The EPS integration supports relaying photos back to IFE.

What does the Push Key do?

You can use the Push Key to refresh your orders.  See the Push Key article for more.

Can I change the task's that are on the EPS projects?

Yes, depending on your user permissions.

Can I add extra tasks or surveys to my EPS projects?

Yes! Check out this article on adding additional tasks.

Will my surveys go to EPS or fill out my forms in IFE?

Yes, your survey PDF's will relay to IFE, however the survey data will not auto-fill any IFE forms.

Can I submit / complete my IFE work orders from Pruvan?

Yes, depending on your IFE Admin settings.

Can I Check In with Pruvan for EPS?

Check In is not currently supported by EPS.

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