How to Setup an M&M Integration

1. Create a new Client Integration in Pruvan

  1. Follow these steps to start creating your integration
  2. Select all of the text inside of the Push Key field and copy it


2. Setup The Pruvan Integration in your M&M account

Before you can integrate the M&M Mortgage Services system with Pruvan you must create a Login and Password to use for the M&M – Pruvan integration.

  1. Login to your M&M Mortgage Services account
  2. Click on Hello <your Rep ID>
  3. Create a new username for the integration
    • This should not be your Pruvan username
  4. Create a new password
    • This should not be your Pruvan password
  5. Paste your Push Key from Step 1 into the Push Key field
  6. Click Save

may2017mmm1.png  may2017mmm2.png

3. Configure your M&M Integration in Pruvan

  1. Enter your integration username, created in Step 2
  2. Enter your integration password, created in Step 2
  3. Click the Validate button
    • This should result in the button turning green and reading Success
  4. Click Save

4. Complete your initial Work Order Import

Congratulations you are ready to go!  Check out the other articles in this section to see what else you can do with your M&M integration.

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