Pruvan Mobile Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery allows you to scroll through and view, edit, and delete your Pruvan photos.  It also allows you to play and delete your Pruvan videos, simply tap the video to start playing.

Photo Gallery


Opening the Photo Gallery from Project Details will only display that project's photos.  Follow these steps to open the Photo Gallery:


  1. Open the Upload Manager
    • From either the Login screen, Project List, or Project Details
  2. Tap on a photo


  1. Navigate to the Login screen
    • Alternatively, navigate to a specific project's Details page
  2. Tap the Photo Gallery icon


Swipe left and right to scroll through your photos.  On iOS you can quickly scan by sliding the photo preview bar at the bottom of the screen.  On iOS tap to hide / show the menu bar.



How to Edit a Photo

Photos can be marked-up by using the edit feature.  When changes are saved, the original photo is preserved and the edits are applied to a new copy of that photo.  All mark ups will be in red marker.  Editing is disabled for videos.

  1. Open the Photo Gallery
  2. Locate the photo you want to mark up
  3. Tap Edit
  4. Mark up the photo by drawing or writing on it
    • Tap the undo arrow / Undo to remove the previous mark
    • Tap the trash can to delete all mark ups and start over (Android only)
    • Tap Edit Notes / Notes to add or edit a note on the photo
  5. Tap the Save icon / Save



How to Delete a Photo

Photos deleted after they have been successfully uploaded to Pruvan's Cloud Storage will still be in Cloud Storage.  To prevent photos from uploading until you have reviewed them, see How to QA Photos in Pruvan Mobile.

  1. Open the Photo Gallery
  2. Locate the photo you want to delete
  3. Tap the trash can


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