Pruvan Data Retention Policy

These are Pruvan's data retention policies.  

Field Results (Items)

Pruvan uses commercially reasonable efforts to keep all field results collected ("items") in the related Pruvan account, accessible in the Pruvan Online Photo page.  Items kept include photos, video, notes, surveys, and related information, for a minimum of 7 years.  


Projects stay on your Active Project page until they are completed, closed or deleted.  

  • Completed Projects are automatically closed if not active 30 days after completed.  
  • After 60 days closed Projects are automatically deleted.  
    • Closing or Deleting a Project does not delete the related items (photos, survey results) or the associated Project data (see Pruvan Photo Tab).
  • Projects in any other status stay on the Project page until completed, closed or deleted.
  • When a Project is deleted from your Active Project page the transaction history log is deleted

For customers subscribed to Pruvan premium features that includes long term Item storage, the related Project Items (Photos/Surveys/Reports) remain in Photo Tab and keep their related Project data for 7+ years, even after the Project is deleted from the Active Project page.  

If you want to keep Projects (and related history) on the Active Project page but not visible on the Pruvan Mobile app, set the Project Status to "Invoiced" or "Unassigned".

Inactive Pruvan Accounts

Accounts that do not have an active subscription will retain the related items stored in the inactive account a minimum of six (6) months from last payment received before the account is deleted along with all related items, data and related information.  

Each customer is required to create their own backup of their data by using Pruvan tools such as Project export, Item export to ZIP or the Pruvan Downloader to archive Items automatically.  See related documentation on how to use these tools.  

General policies about your Field Results and related data

Pruvan provides the search tools to locate and access your field data on the Pruvan Online Photo page.  Pruvan also provides the ability to backup your data using the Pruvan Downloader and export Active Project data.  It is the customers responsibility to properly configure and use these tools, or other tools as they see fit, to locate, backup and access their field data.

Due to the millions of field data items Pruvan receives per day, Pruvan is not responsible for researching or assisting customers in locating or recovering any of their data or field results.

These are Pruvan's current data retention policies as of August 15, 2016.  Please see Pruvan Terms of Service for additional terms that apply.

(Updated 1/24/2018:  Minor grammar changes)

(Updated 3/13/2018:  Moved to Policy section) 

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