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Metered Billing Report

The Metered Billing Report is only available if you operate an integration that is set up with Metered Billing.  This report will allow you to see information about how your meter is being used.  There are 2 ways to run this report; Summary and Detailed.  The report will show information based on the date range selected to run the report.

Meter Summary Report

This report shows one row per user that hit your meter during the given date range.

  • Bill To - This is the username that is receiving the bill for the metered charges
  • Interface - This is the interface code for the type of integration that is being metered
  • Bill From - This is the username for the vendor's integration that relayed items through the meter
  • Work Days - This is the number of days that work was done
  • Projects - This is the number of projects that work was done on
  • Devices - This is the number of devices used to complete the work
  • Items - The number of items relayed
  • Meter - How many times the meter was ticked

Meter Detailed Report

This report shows one row per user, per project that hit your meter during the given date range.  See the summary report description for common field descriptions.

  • Bill To
  • Interface
  • Work Day - The date the work was done on
  • Project - The project number
  • Bill From
  • Devices
  • Items
  • Meter

How to Run the Metered Billing Report

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click Reports
  3. Select Report Launcher
  4. Click Select a Report
  5. Select Metered Billing
  6. Select the Report Tye
  7. Set the Date Range
  8. Apply and desired filters
  9. Click Run Report
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