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Device Usage Report

The Device Usage Report shows you how each device on your account is being used.  This information can be used to determine what devices to deactivate in the Device Manager.  The report is run for the current month to date by default.  You can change the date range to see device usage at a particular time, up to 31 days at once.  These are the fields available in the report:

  • Subuser - The subuser that last signed in to the device
  • Device ID - The device ID of the device
  • Serial Number - The serial number of the device (Android) or device ID (iOS)
  • Phone Number - The phone number of the device (Android)
  • Picture Count - The number of photos taken with this device, for the given date range
  • Start Activity - The first use of this device, within the given date range
  • Last Activity - The last use of this device, within the given date range

How to Run the Device Usage Report

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Select Report Launcher from the menu
  4. Click on Select a Report
  5. Select Device Usage
  6. Set the Desired Date Range
  7. Apply any desired filters
  8. Click Run Report
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