New Scrollable Surveys FAQ

Why the change?

We've been listening to your feedback and working on making survey completion faster and effortless.  We couldn't do that with the old design.  With scrollable surveys we've significantly reduced the number of taps necessary to complete a survey, and being able to see the next question as you're going lets you mentally prepare for it.  The new design will also allow us to add more functionality to surveys in future releases without completely redesigning them every time.

What is different?

There are 3 main differences between the new survey layout and the old one:

  1. Scrolling!  You now scroll from one question to the next on the same page instead of only having one question per page.
  2. Radio buttons.  Choose one questions are now radio buttons.  This means that you can see all of the answer choices listed below the question and tap the one you want.  The old method was a dropdown that you had to tap to open, then select your choice.
  3. Comments.  All questions now have a comment box that allows you to add text to an answer.  This can be used to further explain a particular issue.

How do I try it out?

Until the new mobile app is generally available you'll need to sign up for the pre-release program to get access.  Information on how is available in the following articles:

How do I use the new surveys in Pruvan Mobile?

See the How to Complete Surveys (Beta) article for Pruvan Mobile.

Should I convert everyone right away?

No, we recommend that you choose 1 or 2 of your crew to install the pre-release and test it out.  Get their feedback and roll it out to more crew as you work through any questions or issues that come up.

When will this be generally available?

November 1st, 2016

Are scrollable surveys available in Pruvan Online?

Yes. They are available in Pruvan Online for our beta release v3.17.

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