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M&M Integration FAQ

What is an integration?

An integration is a way for 2 different systems, such as Pruvan and M&M, to exchange information.

What are the features of the M&M integration?

The integration supports order import, check in, photo relay, adding additional tasks, default assign to, auto admin, and the push key.

What types of orders are imported from M&M?

The M&M integration will import all new and in-process Preservation Orders.  Completed (and not submitted) orders and inspections will not import.

What information from my M&M work order is visible in the Pruvan project?

Below is a list of how data is mapped from M&M to Pruvan:

Work Order Project
Order Number Project Number
Address Address
City City
State State
Due Date Due Date
Client Reference
Mortgager Description
Instructions Instructions
Work Item Task Name

Can I auto-assign my M&M projects?

The M&M integration supports our Default Assign To feature which gives you limited auto-assignment ability.  See this article for more information.

Can I send my M&M photos back to M&M automatically?

Yes!  Photos will relay back to M&M's system.

What does Auto Admin do?

Auto Admin is one of our core integration features.  Read more in the Auto Admin article.

What does the Push Key do?

You can use the Push Key to refresh your orders.  See the Push Key article for more.

Can I change the task's that are on the M&M projects?

Yes, depending on your user permissions.

Can I add extra tasks or surveys to my M&M projects?

Yes! Check out this article on adding additional tasks.

Will my surveys go to M&M or fill out my forms in M&M?

Yes, the survey results from surveys that are imported by M&M will go back to their system.

Can I submit my M&M work orders from Pruvan?

No, you must complete the work order in M&M.

Can I Check In with Pruvan for M&M?

Yes!  Order's that require a Check In will have Check In enabled in Pruvan Mobile.

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