How to Setup an NFR - Property Preservation Integration

1. Create the Integration in Pruvan Online

  1. Click the Integrations page on left menu bar
  2. Click the 'New' button
  3. Integration Type:  NFR Interface - Property Preservation
  4. Integration Label: NFRPP
  5. Customer: National Field Representatives (this is optional for your record keeping only)
  6. Active = Yes
  7. Hit the 'Next' button



2. Setup Connection

  1. Enter your NFROnline ID
  2. Enter your NFROnline username
  3. Enter your NFROnline password
  4. Click the Validate button
    • This should result in a green 'Success' 
  5. Click Next



3. Configure Settings

  1. Optional - Change the Default Assign To field to your Username from the drop down menu
  2. Hit Save



4. Refresh Your Integration and Import your Orders

  1. Under the Action column click the Refresh button to import existing orders into Pruvan
  2. A window will pop up so that you can see the progress of the import
    • Click the Refresh button on this window to see updates to the import log
  3. Close the import window when the import is complete


Congratulations you are ready to go!  Check out the other articles in this section to see what else you can do with your NFR-PP integration.

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