3.16 Mobile Update!

Pruvan Mobile v3.16

Pre-Release available:  15 AUG 2016
General release: 20 FEB 2017

Update!  The new release is now generally available on Android and iOS.

v3.16 for Mobile is getting a new release before v3.17 comes out.  This provides a major overhaul to the survey interface in the app and brings a new feature as well.  Initially these changes will only be available in TestFlight for iOS and through our Closed Test Group for Android.  Click the links for information on how to join the group for your device.


The way surveys look and navigate has been completely over-hauled to be much faster and easier to use based on your feedback.  This is done with a scrollable view where you can quickly move through questions and see more than one at a time.  In the spirit of making things faster, Choose One answers have been switched from dropdown menu selections to radio buttons.  This eliminates a needless tap to see and select your answer.  There is also a new Comment feature.  You will be able to add text comments to any question in the survey.  Answer triggers and photo requirements work exactly like they used to.  For specific information on the new format see the updated How to Complete Surveys article for Pruvan Mobile and the scrollable survey FAQ.

Start Date

Pruvan will now support start dates.  When a project has a start date, and is assigned, the project will show up on the Mobile user's project list, but they will not be able to open, and start on, it until the specified date arrives.  Additionally projects with a future start date will be separated in to their own category labeled 'Upcoming'.  Start dates can be set by an integration, by using the spreadsheet import, with a Work Type, or with the New and Edit Project tools in the Project Manager.

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