Brookstone Vendor Management employee ONLY

Instructions for setting up a new Brookstone Vendor (performed by Brookstone employee)

In AGiP vendor setup screens: Setup New Vendor

  1. Setup Vendor in iProperty, use Vendor's email address to send welcome emails to vendor.
  2. Change vendor email to a fake brookstone email address 
    • When setting up Pruvan in AGiP do not use Vendor Email address to avoid sending wrong Pruvan setup instructions to vendor (until Vendor Instructions for Pruvan from iProperty are updated).
    • If this is not possible, instruct vendor to ignore these emails.
  3. Setup Mobile Provider to "Pruvan" and save 
  4. Go to "Notes" in AGiP to see two emails sent to fake brookstone email address and find Pruvan Password email to get API key for setting up Pruvan AGS integration below.  Copy this long API Key for use in setting up vendor in Brookstone's Pruvan Account.
  5. In AGiP, change fake email address back to actual vendor's email address and save.  

In Brookstone's Pruvan Account:  Setup New Vendor

  1. Login to your Brookstone Pruvan account at
  2. Setup a new Pruvan sub-user (Pruvan Share PS2 Web Service User) with a role of CREW in Brookstone Pruvan account for Vendor
  3. Setup AGS<->Pruvan Integration for Vendor 
    • Use 5 Digit Vendor Code for Client Code to describe vendor (example company name abbreviated or Vendor First Initial First 4 of Last Name) 
    • Be sure to select Aspen Grove Driver (not STD2 External) and click Next
    • Use new Vendor AGiP email address for Username
    • Use long API Key from email in AGiP for Password
    • Set Default Assignment to Pruvan Sub-User for Vendor created above
    • Validate connection to AGiP for this vendor setup in Pruvan (must say Success)
    • If Long API Key (Password) ever changes, you must update to match API Key in AGiP
  4. Import AGiP orders.  Orders will automatically import/update/delete when changed in AGiP for this vendor if Username/Password setup in AGS Integration remain valid.

In Vendor's Pruvan Account

  1. If vendor does not have a Pruvan account, create one for the new Vendor.  If Vendor has a Pruvan account go to step 2 below.  (Be sure to open an incognito browser window and navigate to to enable Brookstone branding and Brookstone partner code.)
  2. Setup Pruvan Share integration for Vendor in Vendor's Pruvan account
    • Use BRKST as Client Code
    • Select Pruvan Share 2 as Integration and click Next
    • Use Brookstone Pruvan Sub-Username for Usernname
    • Use Brookstone Pruvan Sub-Username Password for Password
    • Set Default Assignment to "ALL"
    • Validate, must get "Success".  If error make sure using Brookstone Sub-User/Password for Pruvan Share Username/Password.
    • Do not share Brookstone Sub-Username/Password with Vendor
  3. Send welcome email to vendor, with Username for Vendor's new Pruvan account (if new) and in a separate email send password for new Pruvan account.
  4. Instruct vendor to complete sample Project for training.  
  5. Any orders assigned in AGiP to this vendor will flow from AGiP to Brookstone Pruvan account to Vendors Pruvan Account and results will flow back if Vendor's Pruvan account is properly configured and user is properly subscribed to Pruvan services.


Please contact Pruvan Support if there are any questions.


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