How to Download/Share Photos/Videos/Surveys from Pruvan Online

There are 3 ways to retrieve photos taken with Pruvan Mobile.  The easiest and most convenient is by using the Pruvan Downloader.  You can also download project zip files from Pruvan Online and pull photos directly off of the device that took them.

Pruvan Downloader

The Pruvan Downloader runs in the background on your PC and every 30 minutes will download all new published photos and sort them automatically for you.  To learn more about the Downloader see the articles in the following Category:

Zip Files

You can download a zip file for your project from either the Project Manager or from the Photos page.  Learn how in the following articles:

Pruvan Mobile

Photos that have not yet been deleted from the device can be pulled directly from the device to a computer.  Steps are listed in this article:

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