How Do I Validate an Integration?

Validating the integration will ensure the connection between the Client and Pruvan is still available. Without a Valid integration connection, users will not be able to download or upload projects and photos.

Use the instructions below to assist you with the Validation of the integration.

Login to

 1.) Click Clients/Integrations

2.) Select Configure



3.) Next click on the named Client/Integration Type that will need to be Validated.

4.) Click the Edit button



5.) Click Validate; if it is Validated Successfully, you will see the Green indicator. If it does not Validate, you will see the red indicator. The red indicator generally means that there is something incorrect in the integration; check the username, password or API Token/Key and make any corrections. To ensure the Integration is set-up appropriatley, visit this link

6.) After the integration has Validated succesfully, click Save.


You can now complete a Full Import to receive any work orders from your Client. To import work orders immediately, visit this link; to learn more.


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