What is the Upload Log?

The Upload Log lets you know the status of where your items are in the process of uploading from your mobile device to Pruvan. The upload log can be accessed by starting at the login screen of the app, (tap on the blue 'arrow' for iPhone or tap on the polaroid icon for Android)the icon is next to the upload status, this will take you to the Uploads Log. You can check the status of all of your photos here.

Click here for more information on the upload log

Each item that uploads will have a specific status, read the statuses below to understand more about the photos.

Upload Complete / Complete : These photos have been successfully uploaded to Pruvan Online. They are safe to remove using the Clean Up feature.

Pending / Ready to Upload : These photos are waiting to upload to Pruvan Online.

Deleting these photos before they are marked complete will result in a permanent loss; do not do it unless you are absolutely sure you do not need the photo(s). There are many reasons photos can be pending:

  • They are in queue and are just waiting in line
  • Your uploads are paused; this can be because of a setting in your app or lack of network connectivity
  • They are pending another action; such as project completion

Upload Failure / Error : These photos attempted to upload but failed. The error message will give you more detail as to what exactly went wrong.

  • Photos could not upload successfully to Pruvan and have stopped trying, tap 'retry all failed' in the bottom corner when there is a solid data connection to retry.
  • These photos are no longer on your phone's memory. They have either been deleted, renamed, or the SD card they were on has been removed.
  • The photos have been altered since they were originally taken and will not upload.

This list is sorted with completed photos at the bottom and pending / failed uploads at the top. If the files you are looking for have been uploaded, click here to learn how to retrieve your photos from Pruvan Online

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