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My photos are coming out sideways! How do I adjust this so they match the way I hold my phone?

There is a setting that controls this called Camera Orientation. It can be set in 3 different places: at the account level, at the phone level, and at the work order level.

Account level: If you log in to your account online at and click Account > Edit Profile then select Profile Options at the bottom of the page, you can set the Camera Orientation option to Portrait, Landscape, or Auto (this will detect however your phone is being held). This setting here will override whatever users set on the mobile app for this.

Phone level: If you have it set to Auto at the Account Level, then you can set this option at the Phone Level. From the log in screen, click the Options button and you will see the Camera Orientation button. This setting in the app can be overridden by both the Account level Camera Orientation setting as well as the Work Order level Camera Orientation setting. For example, if the Account level option is set to Landscape and you hold your phone upright in Portrait fashion, the photo will come out sideways.

Work Order level: When you or your work provider create a work order, the Camera Orientation option can be set as well. This will override whatever you set at the Account level or Phone level. For example, if they have this option set to Portrait on the Work Order, and you hold your phone sideways in Landscape fashion, the picture will come out sideways online. When viewing a work order on the mobile app you can view the Work Order options by clicking Show Configuration at the bottom.

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