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Spreadsheet Project Management

With Pruvan's Import and Export tools you can use powerful spreadsheet functions to assist in managing your projects.  These tools allow you to manage your projects in a Spreadsheet and then import the changes to Pruvan, as well as export data on how many photos have been taken and when the first and last time photos were taken.  Combining the tools you can manage your projects in Pruvan, export them to run some automatic calculations, such as assignment by zip code, then import the changes back in to Pruvan.

Set Up Your Spreadsheet

This article goes over what fields will need to be available in your spreadsheet for a successful import.  It also includes advanced options and format guidelines for the advanced fields.

Import Your Spreadsheet Projects

This article lists the steps to import your projects in to Pruvan.

Export Project Data

The Export tool will export all of your projects from the Project Manager to a .CSV file.  By using the Advanced Options below you can limit this export to only projects that have been updated since a certain date, or export photo data for all projects that have had activity in the past 90 days.

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click Projects
  3. Click Import / Export
  4. Select your options (optional)
  5. Click Export Projects to File

Advanced Options

These options control the way Import data is handled and what information is included in an Export.  To access the Advanced Options, click the Advanced Options button in the Import / Export window.

Import Options

  • Delete Missing - Delete all projects from the Project Manager that are not included in your Import.  This is useful if your spreadsheet and the Project Manager are out of sync.
  • Ignore Integrated Projects - Do not import / update projects originating from an integration.  These projects are identified by the Integration Code followed by '::' in the project number.

Export Options

  • Export Photo Data - Include photo data in the export, this includes photo count, last taken by (user), and time / date information.  Photo data goes back 90 days.  Projects that have photo data but are no longer in the Project Manager will have the status 'deleted'.
  • Updates Since - Only export projects that have been updated between now and the selected date.  This option is not usable with the Export Photo Data option.

Zip Code Auto Assignment Example

In the article below are steps showing how to export Project data, use the zip code to automatically assign projects, and re-import the updates back in to Pruvan.  This is but one way that spreadsheet formulas can assist you in managing your projects.

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