Managing Alerts

Alerts are messages from Pruvan's system letting you know that something has gone wrong or to warn you about an event that's taken place in your account.  There are 2 places to view your alerts.  One is the Alert Notification in the upper right corner of Pruvan Online next to the Logout button.  The other is the Alert Manager, which is located under the Account menu in Pruvan Online.  You can also have your alerts emailed to you by using the Support Email address feature found in the User Profile of the Master account holder.

Alert Types

  • Device deactivation warnings
  • Failed relays to an integration
  • Failed imports from an integration

Alert Notification

The alert notification will only appear if you have alerts pending in your account.  The notification will show you how many alerts you have.  Clicking on the notification brings up a window that lets you view the 100 most recent alerts on your account.  You can click through them and delete them from this window.


Alert Manager

This page shows you all of the alerts on your account.  You can double click on a row to view the entire message.  You can select individual or groups of alerts to delete, or use the Delete All button to clear your account.


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