How to Create an AGS iProperty Integration

Create a AGS iProperty Client

1. Request Pruvan as Your Integrator

Contact your Client(s) that use iProperty and request that they activate the Pruvan Integration for your account.  If you've already received Pruvan - iProperty Setup emails then this has been done already for that client.  You will receive 2 emails for each client.  The first has setup instructions from this article, the second contains your password for your integration.  The only way to see which client the password belongs to is to look in the 'from' field of the password email.  Follow the next steps for each client you have in iProperty.

2. Login to your Pruvan Online account - using Chrome browser

  • Click on Client/Integrations tab
  • Choose Configure in the drop down
  • Click on New button
  • Enter your Client Name (such as Guardian Asset Management or Brookstone)
  • Enter a Client Integration Code (up to 5 digits to reflect your Client, such as GAM or BROOK)
  • Select the Client Integration Type -  "Aspen Grove iProperty"


3. Configure your iProperty Integration in Pruvan

  1. Enter your iProperty Username
    • If you aren't sure, enter your email address. This should be the same email where you received the setup instructions and integration password.
  2. Enter your client's iProperty integration password.
    • This is NOT your iProperty website password.  The pasword will be in the 2nd of your iProperty Pruvan Welcome Email.
  3. Click on Validate to test your login information
    • If it works, you should see the message: Success
  4. Click Save

3. Complete your initial Work Order Import

Congratulations you are ready to go!  Check out the other articles in this section to see what else you can do with your iProperty integration.

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