How to Complete a Survey

This article will go over how to fill out and submit a survey from Pruvan Online.

Opening a Survey

To open a survey in Pruvan Online you must have access to the project in the Project Manager.  Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Pruvan Online
  2. Click on Projects
  3. Locate your project
  4. Select the project
    1. Click Details if the Details panel is not open
  5. Click the Survey icon for your survey in the Tasks section

This will open the Pruvan Online survey taker.



The survey is laid out in a single page to ease navigation.  At the top is the name of the survey followed by the menu bar.  Below that are all of the active survey questions.  Inactive questions will be loaded as they are enabled by your answers.  In each question box you will see the Question Text (A), Help Text if available (B), and the Answer Choices (C).  The survey can be closed by closing the window, your answers will be saved and re-loaded when you open the survey again.



You can scroll up and down (A) the survey window to go to different questions.  It is not necessary to answer everything in order as long as you answer all of the required questions.  There is a Review button (B) that will open an overview window where you can look over all of the available questions and jump to (F) any one of them.  The New button (C) will clear all of your answers and reset the survey.  The Save button (D) will save your current answers.  The Load button (E) will load the answers from your last save.

 surveyNav.png  jumpQuestion.png


Some questions will trigger other questions to become available depending on your answers.  These questions will load in the survey window and the review window as they are enabled.  For instance, if you answer the question Are there shrubs present? with Yes, then you would enable other questions about the shrubs, while if you answered no it would skip those questions.  If the survey is properly set up you shouldn't have to answer unnecessary questions.

Photo Requirements

Photo requirements define how many photos you have to take based on the question or statement provided.  Photo requirements will have a minimum and maximum number (A) of photos that you can take.  There are two options to add photos to a survey.  The first; click the Camera icon (B) to open your OS's file explorer to select your photos.  Once you select your photos, their thumbnails will appear in the preview window (C) of the question.  Note that any photos uploaded outside of Pruvan Mobile will not be certified by Pruvan.  The second method; click the Gallery icon (F) to open the Survey Gallery and select photos already on the project.  To delete a photo, hover over it and click the red 'X' (D).  There will be a short undo time where you can cancel the delete by clicking the green undo button (E).


deletePhoto.png  undoDelete.png


Before you can submit a survey in Pruvan Mobile you need to make sure that all the questions are answered and that all of the photo requirements have been met.  The easiest way to do this is to look for blank answers.



Once you have reviewed your survey and determined that it is good to go, tap the Submit button (A) at the top of the Review page.  The survey window should automatically close.  Otherwise you will receive an error that some requirements have not been met.  Any question that has unmet requirements will have individual red message boxes below them stating the missing requirement. At this point all un-fulfilled requirements will be highlighted in red on the review screen as well.  




Be sure that you publish your survey as well.  Survey's filled out in Pruvan Online will not auto-relay like Pruvan Mobile surveys do.  From the Project page, locate the project and click on the Pictures box with the item count:



Next, click on Select All (which will highlight the survey and photos), then in the Publish Selected To drop down, choose the Client option. 



This will send all of the results to your integrated client and the Status of the items will go from Pending QA to Published.




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