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ServiceLink Field Services (SLFS) Check-In Instructions and FAQ

ServiceLink Field Services (SLFS) Check In Requirements

SLFS requires every individual completing work at a property serviced by SLFS to complete a mobile check in which will include:

  • Identification of the individual completing the service
  • Completion of questions confirming proof of service at the asset
  • Acknowledgment of a Code of Conduct

Pruvan, a third party technology integrator to SLFS, has worked with SLFS to help make mobile check in from the field convenient and accessible.

Mobile Check In

Identification of Field Worker

As part of the identification of the individual completing the service, the following information will be provided back to SLFS as part of the check in:

  • Credentialing ID - The unique ID assigned to the individual completing the service by the industry standard background check program
  • ServiceLink Unique ID - The unique ID assigned to the individual completing the service by ServiceLink Field Services (see below for further information and instructions)
  • First name of individual completing the service
  • Last name of individual completing the service
  • Work order #
  • Property address
  • Date & time of check in
  • Latitude and longitude of check in

The Pruvan Check-In solution allows field workers to scan a badge or store their Credentialing ID within your Pruvan Username/Profile to provide this information automatically and prevent re-entry when using the Pruvan Mobile application on supported smartphone devices.

Proof of Service

The following questions pertaining to property condition will need to be answered to confirm proof that the service was completed at the correct property:

  • Are there any Escalated Events Observed?
  • Are there any Health and Safety Issues?
  • Are there any Unsecured Openings?
  • Is Any Vandalism Present?
  • Are Any Violations Posted?
  • Is there Damage Due to Boiler Explosion?
  • Is there Damage Due to Earthquake?
  • Is there Damage Due to Fire?
  • Is there Damage Due to Flood?
  • Is there Damage Due to Hurricane?
  • Is there Damage Due to Tornado?
  • Are Damages Reported?
  • Is there Exterior Debris Present?
  • Is the Lawn Being Maintained?
  • What is the Occupancy Status

The Pruvan Mobile app walks the field user through the currently required SLFS questions for each SLFS order at the job site.


Code of Conduct

SLFS requires field staff to acknowledge a code of conduct on each SLFS order.

Pruvan provides a link to the code of conduct on the Pruvan Mobile app within SLFS Project Instructions.  

The related Code of Conduct is also located at

How to Check In

Step by step instructions to setup your Pruvan account can be found at or you can contact Pruvan sales at or call Pruvan M-F 9am-5pm CT 512-244-9511 x2 for assistance.

At a minimum you must: 

  1. First setup a free Pruvan accoount at and perform the steps to import SLFS orders into your Pruvan account.
  2. Once your Pruvan Online account is setup, you must create sub-users for each field worker and enter their Credentialing ID # into their user profile.  
  3. Field Workers using the Pruvan Mobile app see related SLFS orders with related Check-In requirement on each SLFS job assigned by administrators of your online Pruvan account. Pruvan orders can also be default assigned to a specific sub-user eliminating in-office assignment.  

Pruvan check-in is free.  Please see for details on what is included and Pruvan premium features that available for a monthly subscription fee.


Contact SLFS for details on compliance requirements.  The following is an excerpt from SLFS instructions (2/12/2016).

In order to be compliant with the SLFS Mobile Check In Requirement, 100% of all orders completed must have a completed check in and acknowledgement of the Code of Conduct from an individual who has a valid industry standard unique ID#.

  1. Reach out to the technology integrator you've chosen for additional information about application set up and how the check in is completed.
  2. Confirm all field personnel have:
  • Completed an industry standard background check and obtained a unique Credentialing ID #
  • Access to a mobile data enabled device and have completed all necessary installations to access the technology integrator app you've selected for use in the field
  • Been informed of the check in requirement and are aware of how to complete the check in using the app of your choice
  1. Read the SLFS FAQ provided below.

Mobile Check In FAQ

Contact SLFS for details on latest frequent questions.  The following is an excerpt from SLFS instructions (2/12/2016).

Mobile Check In Requirements

  1. What is the mobile check in and why is SLFS requiring it?
  • Mobile check in has been created to comply with the government regulators vendor oversight requirements and our clients requirements.  There are three components of those requirements: 1) confirm that the individual completing the service has met industry standard background check requirements,  2) anyone performing services has acknowledged a Code of Conduct, and 3)  is completing the requested service at the correct property.
  1. Is there a date that SLFS is requiring mobile check in to be implemented by me/my company?
  • The mobile check in requirement will go live on February 8, 2016 with an expectation that you are 100% compliant by March 7, 2016.
  1. Are there specific applications I am required to use in order to be compliant with the SLFS mobile check in requirement?
  • At this time, SLFS has partnered with Pruvan and Property Pres Wizard to facilitate the mobile check in through their existing apps. If you have a different technology integrator with a mobile check in option and would like to have them set up with SLFS, speak to your provider and have them contact SLFS. 
  1. What types of services will require a check in? Will exterior only services need to have a check in?
  • All orders completed at a property serviced by SLFS will require a check in; no exceptions.
  1. What information will my field rep be required to enter when they check in at a property?
  • SLFS is collecting the following information, however not all of the fields listed below will need to be populated by the user checking in. Speak to your technology integrator about the fields you will be required to enter while using their app to check in.
  • Credentialing ID - Industry standard background check ID
  • ServiceLink ID - Unique ID issued by SLFS
  • First name of individual completing the service
  • Last name of individual completing the service
  • Firm Name – Company the individual works for
  • Work Order #
  • Property address
  • Date  & time of check in
  • Latitude and longitude of check in
  • Acknowledge code of conduct
  • Answer questions pertaining to property condition
  1. What happens if I don't obtain a check in app or one of my employees/subs do not complete the check in?
  • SLFS expects 100% compliance for check in. Any services performed that are not compliant will be reviewed by SLFS and appropriate actions taken with our vendor.
  1. Do I or any of my employees or subs need to get any additional background checks?
  • No, SLFS’ requirements for background checks have not changed with this check in requirement. Please reference section 11 of your Trade Vendor Agreement for additional detail regarding the SLFS background check requirements for field personnel.
  1. Does SLFS have minimum “qualifications” for who can check in and service a property?
  • SLFS policy on who can perform services at a property has not changed and is outlined in the Trade Vendor Agreement and includes, but is not limited to, having a valid compliant background check.

Mobile App Setup

  1. If I have questions about the set up process or app, who do I contact? 
  • Contact your technology integrator.
  1. How long does it take to set up the mobile check in app?
  • Contact your technology integrator.
  1. What is the cost to get/use the mobile check in app?
  • All pricing should be discussed with the technology integrator you’ve selected to use to comply with the mobile check in requirement.
  1. Who is/are the technical support contact(s)?
  • Your technology integrator will support the use of their application.

Mobile Check In Process

  1. What does the 'check in' process entail?
  • Regardless of the technology integrator you select, when at a SLFS property to perform services you will be required to access the mobile check in app, pull up the applicable order, respond to property condition questions, and acknowledge a Code of Conduct.
  1. Does the mobile check in process replace or change the way I submit results to SLFS?
  • No.  SLFS is only able to receive check in data via the technology integrators today. There is no change to how work order results and photos are delivered to SLFS.
  1. What happens if there is no cell phone service in the area or at the property being serviced?
  • Check with your technology integrator for additional information about checking in while out of range for mobile data.
  1. If multiple people are at a property completing a work order, who needs to check in?
  • The individual designated as the crew leader should complete the check in. In the future all individuals completing work at the property will be required to check in.
  1. If we are performing a service that takes multiple days to complete, how the does check in process work?
  • A check in is required with every visit to the property.  If there are multiple check in results on the same service order, SLFS will review and reconcile.  Note: this does not mean if you leave the property and return the same day you need to check back in when you return. 
  1. Where does the check in information go?  What does SLFS do with the check in information?
  • The technology integrator will send mobile check in information directly to SLFS.  SLFS collects and reviews for data integrity, accuracy, exceptions and compliance and will provide periodic reporting or communication with individual vendors or the network as a whole as needed.
  1. How should I answer the property condition questions when the property condition does not permit me to enter the home or walk the property?
  • Answer them to the best of your ability based on the service you are performing.


Please contact your Work Provider or Supervisor with any questions related to SLFS work orders or specific field requirements.

Please request support from the Pruvan Mobile app or email for Pruvan related questions or assistance using Pruvan services.




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