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Default Worktypes for Integrations

Selecting a default work type for an integration will automatically apply that work type to all projects imported from the integration.  For more information on Work Types, click here.

Update Rules

The fields that are changed on the project depend on the type of field and whether it contains information already.

These fields will always be set to your Worktype:

  • Reference
  • Description
  • Options

These fields will only be set to your Worktype if they are not set by your client:

  • Work Order Info
  • Instructions
  • Client Instructions
  • Address
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Due Date
  • Status
  • Assigned To

How to Set a Default Worktype

      1. Log in to Pruvan Online
      2. Click Integrations


      3. Select the Integration you would like to update
      4. Click Edit


      5. Click Next until you see the setting "Default Workype"


      6. Select the Worktype you would like to use
      7. Click Save


Your Worktype will now be added to all orders imported from this integration from this point forward.


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