Photos not uploading to the Client? Check the Status of Photos

In the event photos do not reach the Client Portal, users should check the status of the photos to understand what went wrong so the issue can be corrected.

Use the steps below to assist in finding the status of photos.

1.) From the Photos page in, Click the project in question.



 2.) Check the Status of the photos. Published = Photos relayed to Client. Identify the Status of the photos and make any corrections needed.  A Status message will appear if there was a technical issue.



     - Are Photos pending upload on the app? Click here; to understand why they are not relaying.

     - Do photos need to be moved to another project? Please visit this link; for more information.


3.) You can also identify issues within a project from the Alerts box.  Alerts can be found in the top right hand corner of the page. Click here; to learn more.

 4.) The Usage Report will identify upload issues and enable the user to Manage and Retry the Upload in one location. Click here; to learn more.



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