How to Setup a Freshbooks Integration

Cloud Accounting

In order to setup a Freshbooks integration you will need to have a Freshbooks account and then enable the integration in Pruvan.  To create a Freshbooks account follow the steps below.  If you already have a Freshbooks account, then skip down to the Integration Setup section.

Create a Freshbooks Account

  1. Go to Freshbooks
  2. Enter your Company name, Email, and click Try it for Free for 30 days
  3. Fill out the Sign Up form and click Continue to Final Step
  4. Fill out the 2nd form and click Show Me My Account

Congratulations you now have a Freshbooks account!


Setup a Freshbooks Integration

This step requires Freshbooks Classic, more info here:

Be sure you have created a Freshbooks account before starting these steps.

  1. Log in to Pruvan in one tab
  2. Click on Account > Edit Profile
  3. Click Enable Freshbooks Integration
  4. Log in to Freshbooks in another tab
  5. Click on My Account
  6. Click on Freshbooks API
  7. Copy the API URL
  8. Go to the Pruvan tab
  9. Paste the API URL in the Freshbooks URL field
  10. Go to the Freshbooks tab
  11. Copy the Authentication Token
  12. Go to the Pruvan tab
  13. Paste the Authentication token in the Freshbooks Authentication Token field
  14. Click Save

You are now integrated to Fresh Books!  Check out our Getting Started guide for more information.


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