How do I create Projects using Hotlinks I can email/text to my crews?

At a high level, imagine if you could text message a project to your crews in the field!

Your crew would click the link in your email or text message and voila! they are taking pictures and your seeing results in the office.

This is now possible Using the HOTLINK generator.  

Download this Hotlink Generator Form, and open the file downloaded with Google Chrome on a full screen PC or Mac.  Your screen should look like this:

download and open HTML file in this article

  1. Download this Hotlink Generator Form,
  2. Open the HTML file you downloaded using a Chrome Browser on a PC/Mac,
  3. Fill out the form then click "Create URL" and this is the "Hotlink" you send to your Crews!  

Things to know:

  • If you leave Project Name blank, one will be created for you, with the format MMDD-HHMM (hours and minutes in military time, based on device clock).
  • If you leave the Address blank, the location of the device will be used, as long as the device can communicate with the Internet and the devices Geo-Location is turned on and accurate.
  • If you fill out Work Type, it must match exactly to a Work Type you have defined in your Pruvan Account.  
  • Launch to Task will do as it says, launch the camera or survey, if you enter a valid Task.
  • If you leave Tasks blank (not recommended) the crew worker must enter tasks manually.  We suggest you add at least one Task, hit the plus button to add tasks.
  • Hit "Refresh" in the browser to reset the Hotlink Generator

An example show below:

Auto-Generates the Project ID, Auto-Geo-Codes the Device Address, adds "Task 1" as a single Task with the instructions, "Take Photos" and Launches Task 1 (into the Pruvan camera).

Email or Text Message this link to a device running Pruvan Mobile.,%22instructions%22:%22Take%20Photos%22%7D%5D






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